Yield and Business, the hand of a proper maintenance key facilities.

Integrated Engineering Services for all types of real estate assets

  • Planned maintenance (conductive, predictive, preventive and corrective)
  • Unplanned maintenance, warehouse management and space management
  • Incident management through our Call Center and organization, planning and monitoring services through applications such CMMS (GIM, Maximo and Prism 3)
  • Network maintenance of buildings. Post-sale housing developments
  • Consulting and audit services facilities
  • Design and execution of renovation and refurbishment of facilities and infrastructure


Facility Management

   Facility Management is a model of resource management of real estate companies is aimed at permanent adaptation of these to the organization and team of the companies at the lowest possible cost, through the integration of all management responsibilities for these resources the figure of the Facility Manager.

   This contract includes all those services that the client deems necessary to develop your business, so you can focus on your core business, leaving the secondary to service companies outsourcing specialists also provide added value in the economic management and control services. These arrangements are encouraged to provide services the client-partner and place special emphasis on measurement and monitoring method used.

   Among others, the most requested services and provided  by Nulartech are: cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment and renovation of facilities, space management, landscaping, access control, reception, customer service, catering, vending, management, energy services ...

   In the industrial environment, in addition to these services, Nulartech also provides services related to logistics, such as: production aid, handled, internal logistics, etc..